Listen to the new EP: 'MINNE'

From the world space outside and expressing from soul depths within MINNE is the beating heart of the creative expression flowing out of saxophonist, producer and artistic concept developer Wytze Minne de Swart. (1996)

Rooting from different corners of the musical genre spectrum MINNE is the sound of a path through memories, emotions and sketches of beauty found right in the core of life. 


A collection of expressions from life experiences form the debut EP 'Minne'. Snippets of life represent the environment in which Minne has grown in and where he made gradual shifts towards new versions of the same identity. 

MINNE is in search, in wonder, in amazement and in overwhelming astonishment of the world outside and the soul depth within. 


The EP has been created and developed in a time of transition. Whilst turning the last page of a chapter MINNE looks and gazes forward towards the future. Led by imagination and intuition the music on this first EP results from an internal search to find a musical voice that expresses a reaction to the internal shift in consciousness and identity. 

A snake losing its skin, a tree losing its leaves, a water drop from an icicle. A shape shifting identity in search of a new chapter in an artistic road.


Cardinal Rouge is the name of the first single coming out leading towards the EP: MINNE.

‘Cardinal rouge’ is named after the bird species. With its bright colour and with its distinct call it stand out in nature around. The call of this bird can be heard in the music. 

‘Cardinal Rouge’ is a celebration of contrast and an ode to alienation. 

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