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The AloeDodo is an instrument I build in the first months of 2023. It consists of a doorspring over a piece of wood, with electric guitar elements underneath.

Attached to the top side of the spring are two contact microphones.

Also there is a proximity sensor attached to the top of the wood that is programmed to open and close different effects over the sound. Lastly, next to the sensor there is a button included that triggers different samples of spoken texts. The processing of the sound goes through a Max patch. 

Video and photo's: Zsolt Szederkényi,

Sound recording: Dirk Winkel

December '22 - May '23

MINNE - Live on the 'Wijde Blik'

In January 2021 my debut EP MINNE was released. It consists of lounge, lofi inspired tunes that I wrote and recorded over the COVID-19 pandemic period. This video is a recording of the complete album in a live set. 

The recording is made in 'de Loosdrechtse Plassen' on a lake with the name 'Wijde Blik'.

Enjoy here 'IV Sublime Indigo', the 4th track on the EP.


Click for the full EP recording

Video Production and editing by: Daniel Niessen Media

November '20 - January '21

'I AM' -
ft. Bea Álvarez Borque & Francisco Martí Hernández

This piece is the result of a combined composition proces together with Bea Álvarez Borque and Francisco Martí Hernández. The texts are based on poems by Rupert Spira and Erduardo Galeano.


December '22

Pareidolia - Wytze Minne de Swart

This piece is based on the perception of patterns in sounds that only reveal themselves through repetition. 


Pareidolia is the name for the ability to see patterns in seemingly chaotic structures. For example stars, clouds, marble or unpainted wood.

April '22

'Afkeren' - Minne ft. Veronika Akhmetchina

This is a song I wrote in many forms again and again. I was never able to find the right vocal effect for it. Until I asked my friend Veronika to join and to take care of that, this is a result of a fun afternoon of home recordings.

IG: Veronika Akhmetchina

February '22

Wytze Minne de Swart

This piece is one of the results of a research around involving the sound of speech in music. In this case I combined the sound of two humans, combined with a computer reading the same text.

Video recording: Zsolt Szederkényi,

Sound recording: Dirk Winkel

Februari-May '23

'Wat Blijft' - Wytze Minne (2023)

'Wat Blijft' is a composition for harpsichord and electronics. The recording is a try-out of the first version of this work. 

Performance by  Elena Khurgina

November '23

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